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Our Services

What Makes Us Different

Two- Way API

Capping and Targeting Technology

Accessible for all levels of Marketeers

Intuitive for affiliates, affiliate managers and account managers

Migration and Integration Processes

At Raven, we understand that each migration and integration process is different. Migrating all your customers, affiliates and offers can be a stressful and time-consuming transition. As part of our migration and integration services, our engineering team works closely with you and your platform provider to make this process as quick and smooth as possible.

Reporting Capabilities

Timely and accurate data are key to your marketing optimization efforts. Raven gives you a wide range of detailed reports from business and growth metrics to creative performance reports. This functionality allows you to make informed and prompt decisions.


Raven’s API gives you the ability to automate your work. For example, as an affiliate who uses automated optimization tools on your sites, you can use the Player Report API to improve performance and advertisers can use the click lookup and track API to implement parallel tracking for Google Ads.

Unlimited Campaigns

Networks and advertisers have the ability to create unlimited campaigns so your marketing efforts are never constrained.

Flexible Permission Management

Administrators can create user groups and assign permissions to them easily so that users have the appropriate access.

Commission Structures

You have extended management features for your CPA, revenue share and hybrid commissions. For example, after affiliates are added to commission groups, affiliates can be set active start/end dates and all these operations are logged. That way you can focus on optimising marketing performance rather spending time on distracting tasks.

Campaign Tools

You can use our campaign tools to configure what landing page to direct to based on country, time of day, day of week, device, operating system or referrer