We’re RavenTrack and this is our story

We have some of the most experienced and
knowledgeable people in the industry. Here's our story.

Who are RavenTrack?

Our values and fundamentals

We are not just your ordinary tracking platform

Since the creation of RavenTrack we've strived to be different. We understand that each client requires something unique to help develop and build their marketing channels. We continue to work with every partner to build solutions.

We value our customers and the support we provide

Customer satisfaction is vital to success. We do not put hours on the amount of support or training you will get when working with RavenTrack. Our UK team is on hand 24/7 to help you when it matters.

Our knowledge of the industry is paramount

Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience on both sides of the coin. We have been affiliate managers, affiliates and brand owners so we understand your pain points and know how to fix them.

We are not just Gaming experts

Even though a lot of our clients are within the gaming industry, the technology and products at RavenTrack are top of the class in many other industries. We can even create multi-industry platforms specific to you.


Our clients come first

We are invested in our clients, and thrive to help them grow their businesses by using RavenTrack.


Work hard, play hard

We are a hard working, inventive company who also understand the importance of having fun. We want you to enjoy working with us.


Start up mentality

Even though we are a fast-growing business, we keep our start-up mentality at the forefront of ideas and features within RavenTrack.

September 2018

RavenTrack was born!

Our journey to becoming the industry leading technology tracking platform began

November 2018

Our first client

Our first client AMP Affiliates launch their Affiliate Program

March 2019

Active Win migrate

Active Win migrate across 12 brands to RavenTrack

May 2019

Betfred join us

Betting Giants Betfred join the RavenTrack revolution!

March 2020

MrQ.com join forces

Pioneers of the gaming industry MrQ.com join forces with RavenTrack to power their affiliate program

June 2020

40+ brands
10 programs

RavenTrack are now running tracking for 40+ brands 10 programs

August 2020

PDM Affiliates migrate

Market leaders PDM Affiliates migrate their affiliate program across to RavenTrack

October 2020

We are finalists

We are finalists for the UK Business Tech Awards 2020!

January 2021

Welcome Betfred Spain

Betfred Spain join the RavenTrack revolution!

June 2021

QuinnBet begin their journey

Sports, Casino & Pools brand QuinnBet begin their journey after migrating across to RavenTrack

Meet the family

Our dedicated professionals

Adam Rowley

Adam Rowley

Managing Director

Having experience of being an affiliate, affiliate manager & brand owner – Adam has vast knowledge of the industry from all viewpoints, and sails the RavenTrack ship. He is also a keen lover of Leicester City FC and playing Music.

Warren Jacobs

Warren Jacobs


Warren is director and co-founder of RavenTrack. His unlimited knowledge and experience within the gaming industry is the driving force for the success of the business. Warren is a huge fan of cars and enjoys cycling.

Ashley Leith

Ashley Leith


Ashley is our financial guru and provides incredible insight into the business and also the industry in general. A very good footballer tarnished by injuries – he still enjoys watching his beloved Manchester United!

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis

Lead Developer

Tom is the driving force and brains of RavenTrack. He has been building the platforms technology for over 8 years alongside his fantastic team. In his spare time he enjoys reading, gaming, playing Magic the Gathering and Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Elkin Castro

Elkin Castro

Project Owner & Project Manager

Elkin is the glue that keeps the business together. His product owner skills are second to none and always ensures the clients are satisfied with the features built. Elkin loves traveling, street photography, reading bachata and salsa (both the dance and the sauces).

Liam Fathers

Liam Fathers


Working within the industry for the last 7 years, Liam is a Developer here and has been influential in the continued growth of the business. A huge lover of gaming/streaming and watching football.

Neil Bircumshaw

Neil Bircumshaw


Neil is the maverick of the development team and has risen through the ranks with his hard work and knowledge! When not in work he can be found in the gym or having naps with his two cats Edward and Wilbur.

Callumn Spencer

Callum Spencer

Senior DevOps engineer

Callum is RavenTracks Senior DevOps engineer and with over 9 years experience, he focuses on ensuring the underlying infrastructure the platform runs on is efficient, innovative and industry leading. When Callum isn’t working, he’s either in the gym, playing football, gaming or being terrorised by his 2 huskies!

Callumn Spencer

Paul Stevenson

Senior Engineer

Paul's one of our Senior engineers with over 10 years experience in several languages, frameworks and software architecture’s. His priority is making RavenTrack the ultimate application by utilising modern technologies. Outside of work, Paul is a keen Strongman and Cyclist.

Nathan Towers

Nathan Towers

Senior Design Engineer

With 15 years of experience working in many areas of design, Nathan brings a vast amount of invaluable knowledge. In his spare time he can be found running endless miles in dark woods with just a head torch and a pack of biscuits.

Kai Menyah

Kai Manyeh

Account Manager

Kai is our key account manager and provides solutions and a friendly face to all of our clients! When he’s not keeping RavenTrack ticking – he is an avid cooking fan, loves to travel and enjoys trading on the stock exchange!

Aron Myerthall

Aron Myerthall

Sales Manager

Aron is the sales manager at RavenTrack. He is a self described music and movie snob. He is a keen sportsman and huge Man Unt fan and has had a season ticket for +25 years.

Jodie Broad

Jodie Broad


Jodie is our HR manager and keeps us all in a straight line! What she doesn’t know about HR isn’t worth knowing. When out the office, Jodie loves socialising and is a huge Boxing fan!

Join the family

We’re always looking for new enthusiastic people to join our ever growing team.

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Straight from the horse's mouth

Why we love working at RavenTrack

I love the people I work with at RavenTrack. I work with some awesome, talented, funny, dedicated colleagues. I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job.

I work full-time on a flexible schedule, both in and out-of-office, and my boss trusts me to produce high-quality work and results. I believed we all share the same visions and values; I can see my professional and development growth at Raventrack. We all support each other and work well together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality, my job enables me to love and enjoy my other passions in life.

Kai Manyeh - Account Manager

I enjoy working at RavenTrack because we are given the creative freedom to produce features that we think clients actually need and want.

It’s really important that your ideas and thought processes are heard, and I feel that at RavenTrack it’s exactly what happens. We all want to develop our own skills and that possibility is endless here. I’m proud to see the impact my work has had on the platform and business.

Liam Fathers - Developer

We create a lot of cool and dynamic features which always keeps work interesting.

Being a remote first company means I can do it from the comfort of my home, but with the option to work in the office and catch up with my colleagues for meetings and get-togethers. I started off as junior developer and wanted to grow my career, and RavenTrack has given me that opportunity through training and courses. I’m now a full developer and continuing to work my way up the career ladder!

Neil Bircumshaw - Developer

We have developed a product culture that focuses intensely on our customer's experience and on technology-enabled solutions.

We're a company that makes decisions and actions on them quickly, so our clients get the features they need and we're able to iterate on them rapidly. My colleagues are not only a very friendly and funny bunch, but are very talented and willing to teach what they know and eager to learn constantly. From a personal perspective, I enjoy working on a flexible schedule, which allows me to pursue other passions and hobbies outside work.

Elkin Castro - Project Manager & Project Owner

Nottingham, UK

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Nottingham, UK
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